Care Home Fundraising

Hello Project Coordinator

It’s always an issue to organise some fundraising at low cost. We can help!

Our fundraising Project for Christmas  and Spring/Summer Project are easy to run and rewarding.

With our help you are able to prepare fantastic artworks, which will affect elderly people wellbeing . You will get a free project kit with art ideas and all necessary information such as how to join us.

Remember artwork can be printed on the front and self-portrait of an artist on the back of the cards.

You can benefit in different ways:

Benefits for Eldery:

  • Creativity is necessary at work and in daily life. It helps to think outside of the box and resolve problems as well as adapt to new situations in the fast changing world.
  • Researchers prove that creativity raises self-confidence, makes it easier to communicate, improves positive thinking, and opens minds for challenges, so you can believe in your own strength every age.
  • Wellbeing is very important, especially in edery age.

Benefits for Organisation:

  • Your organisation is able to raise brilliant 10% commission.
  • People (family members, fiends) can order on-line, so there is less work for you.
  • Even a small order is valuable to us, so go ahead and have a go!

Multiple choices:

We offer range of products in your preferred size and your favourite colour to suit all your needs including:

  • customised cards -12 in a pack provided with matching envelopes
  • A3 plain wall calendars
  • Gift tags (set of 12)
  • aprons – available for adults and kids
  • t-shirts – for ladies, mens and kids
  • bags – gym bags and tote bags
  • white mugs printed on one side or on both sides depends of customer needs