Raising funds for implementation of plans is still a major challenge faced by schools, nurseries, churches, care homes or even artists. Sometimes, the lack of ideas, time, and people involved, causes low budgets when trying to raise money, and a lack of realization of their “Wish List”.
Everyone has an important purpose on their “Wish List” and thanks to our fundraising projects you will be able accomplish your goals.
Often the outside world can not see your work nor your daily effort. I
t’s effects can be seen through selecting the fundraising project which suits your needs.
The importance of fundraising is not only raising funds but also and most importantly the mission to build relationships through teamwork. Fundraising is an important and essential element in the daily life of each type of institution benefiting from our available offers.

The Fundraising Projects we offer to our customers will enable the implementation of your needs, which usually are:
– EQUIPMENT – the purchase of sports equipment, rehabilitation equipment
– SPORT – the organisation of sporting events, support sports teams or individual athletes
– CULTURE & ART – support for cultural institutions such as theatres, museums, organisation of cultural events such as exhibitions, festivals, support artists and creators;
– ECOLOGY – support nature conservation and the environment, the maintenance of endangered animal species in the Zoo;
– HEALTH CARE – support for hospitals, clinics, support actions associated with preventive examinations, education and health;
– EDUCATION – supporting schools, kindergartens
– SCIENCE – support for research, natural and geographical expeditions, publications of books and other printed matter, organis
ations, conferences.


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